Wolfpack® Rolling Papers

Rolling Solo?

Wolfpack® rolling papers have everything you need to roll perfect joints when you’re spending some time as a lone wolf.


Each Wolfpack® included king size papers so you can roll enough for your pals. Wolfpack® makes a great gift for adventurous, cannabis lovers.


There is no other rolling paper pack like Wolfpack®. Offer your customers incredible value with this all-in-one system.

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Wolfpack® Rolling Papers

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did you know: Wolfpack supports the Northern lights wolf centre?

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About Wolfpack® Papers

A wolf pack is a group of wolves that stick together.

At Wolfpack®, our bold sense of comradery embraces you at all times.

Here, you are the Alpha – and for you, our leader, we have united a pack of the best products for you to lead with class and confidence.

We’ve thoughtfully considered everything you need for the best smoking experience. Our 3-in-1 Nomadic Edition is the total package. Its beautifully robust case is finished with a magnetic closure to guard your masterpiece from the elements. Inside you will find a grinder, tray, funnel, and our premium, unbleached hemp papers.

Our papers are slow-burning and made from the highest grade, environmentally friendly materials. Finally, they’re joined by our signature filters, made with a perforated “W” for better inhalation.

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What Customers Are Saying

“Everything you need to roll, on the go. I never leave home without my Wolfpack.”

“I rave about these papers to friends and colleagues. I love that they give back to an environmental cause—a wolf sanctuary—it makes sense!”

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